Just east of Shelby County and Memphis lies Fayette County, an area that has experienced enormous growth but hasn’t lost its rural quality. Conveniently located only a few miles from a major metropolitan area, Fayette County and the cities and communities within it – from Oakland, it’s largest town, to the county seat of Somerville and unincorporated communities such as Hickory Withe – have become a beacon to those who long for space yet who still need or desire to be a stone’s throw from a city.

This booming West Tennessee county, the third largest in Tennessee by area with a current population of approximately 38,000, was historically and primarily a pastoral agricultural community. While it has retained its rural character, Fayette County’s proximity to Memphis provides the best of both worlds. The urban conveniences – from job opportunities to medical services, from shopping to entertainment, sports and culture – are less than half an hour away from suburban communities of master-planned neighborhoods that embrace and preserve the rural environment.

In addition to the physical characteristics that make living in the rural setting of Fayette County appealing, there are several compelling reasons behind the growth and popularity of Fayette County, not the least of which are improved accessibility, low taxes and a school system working to meet the demands of a growing community:

The I-69/I-269 project is creating an outer-loop around Memphis that is opening up access to the city’s bedroom communities. The completion of Highway 385 has helped ease the traffic and congestion on I-40 and I-240. Dropping drivers at Fayette County’s front door, Hwy. 385 traces the Shelby-Fayette County line, allowing more direct and quick routes to all parts of the neighboring counties. Commuting to Memphis proper for work or leisure activities is more convenient than ever.

Tennessee has one of the ten lowest tax burdens across the nation, and Fayette County property tax rates are among the lowest in the state. The tax rate per $100 of assessed value is $1.60 for Fayette County; compare that to $4.06 for Shelby County and $2.34 for Tipton County.

There are 9 public schools currently serving close to 3,700 students: 4 elementary schools, 2 middle and 1 comprehensive high school. Students are also served by a career and technical center and an alternative center. Private schools include Fayette Academy, Gallaway Christian Academy, La Grange Montessori School, Morris Chapel Christian School and Rossville Christian Academy.

Inherent to homeownership in a rural setting is a quality of life that can only be improved by less taxes, less politics and less crime than in the city. Add to that the sense of pride that is fostered when a builder designs a development meant to embrace not just the natural environment but the concept of community and you truly get sense of what the “the good life” can mean for you and your family. Open spaces. Charming towns. Friendly people. Discover for yourself what Fayette County has to offer; generations have called it home and the current housing market there proves that its appeal is warranted.

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